Good luck Mr Dastagir

Thank you Mr Dastagir for helping us and supporting our school everyday for the past 7 years.

My splash team and I wish you a good luck.

From Samuel Y8

Farewell Mr.Dastagir

Dear Mr.Dastagir

It has been such a pleasure having you as our headmaster and I am extremely grateful and respectful of your brilliant work towards this school. I congratulate you and I wish that you could stay our headmaster for longer.

With that I wish you farewell and I hope that life treats you as well as you deserve in the future ahead!

best wishes from Tobias

Farewell Mr Dastagir

Thank you Sir for making our school one of the best schools in London in 2008 when we needed help you came and made our school the best. You really changed our school and now we are getting outstanding levels. Thanks to you our school has changed so much and now we are achieving to the best of our ability.

Thank you, Daniel Cordova

The Splash Team Celebrates Mr Dastagir’s Service to LNS!

This page is dedicated to our respected and much loved Head Master, Mr H. Dastagir, who has served us through thick and thin. We say a massive Splash thank you to him for his service to us as an amazing Head Teacher, leader, mentor, father figure, friend and colleague to his all his staff, students and parents of the London Nautical School community.


100 annivesery

The 7th of July was the London Nautical Sports Day. It was a very competitive day for everyone as we were all eager to win.

It was an extraordinary day and everyone had lots of fun. We are looking forward to next year’s sports day just like any other year.



Nautical Day – Andre.B 8W1S

This year was the 100th year anniversary of The London Nautical School which started because of the tragic shipwreck of the Titanic. To celebrate this anniversary Year 8 was split into different groups. My group had Miss Adam for the whole day and we created a banner to tell everyone about our school centenary. We first had to design what we would want to have on the banner. We then wrapped 3 A1 cardboard paper with a cream colored paper to draw on. After that, we started off by drawing a river through the whole banner vertically and different groups drew on the 3 different banners how they wanted on their banner. I decided to draw the school’s logo and turned it into a 100 to tell everyone it is our centenary.


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